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June Market Commentary

Introduction What was the old compliance wording? Markets can fall as well as rise? May was certainly the month when that was borne out, with many of the major stock marching steadily upwards – only to suddenly have a day where the wheels fell off and previous gains were wiped out. The FTSE-100 and the […]


Pension crisis findings revealed

Research recently published by the Prudential has claimed that tens of thousands of Britons will retire into poverty this year. Of those who will leave work in 2013, one fifth will be below the poverty line, whilst 14% will have no personal or work pension at all and must expect to rely solely on the […]


Transfer of child trust fund savings into junior ISAs

Since Child Trust Funds (CTFs) were phased out in 2011, parents and the savings industry have lobbied the government to allow the money held in them to be transferred into the Junior ISAs that superseded them. The ISA market is seen as having far more choice and, where the money is held in a savings […]