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How safe are your savings?

With your capital tucked away in savings accounts, investments and mortgages, you’d assume that there is some kind of protection in place. But exactly how safe are your savings in the event of, for example, an authorised financial services firm going bust? That’s exactly what happened during the 2008 banking crisis, and UK taxpayers had […]


UK business owners are surprisingly positive about Brexit, says report

If we asked you what UK business owners’ number one concern is, we’d expect you to say Brexit. With its tight grip on the nation’s political concerns and domination of major news outlets, this would be understandable. In truth, you’d be wrong. According to a survey of 400 business owner managers by accountancy firm Price […]


May Market Commentary

Introduction First the good news. None of the leading world stock markets on which we report in this Bulletin fell in April. With just one exception – China – all the markets made gains, with the German DAX index leading the way. Generally the world breathed a sigh of relief as relations between the US […]