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What are NFTs, and why should you care?

You might be familiar with cryptocurrency: the digital currencies which can be exchanged for goods and services developed using a technology called blockchain. You may also have seen NFTs, or Non-Fungible Tokens, making headlines of late. In essence they are an asset also developed on blockchain. You may also have never heard of the term. […]


Welcome to the National Infrastructure Bank

One of the most eye-catching announcements in Rishi Sunak’s recent Budget was the creation of  the National Infrastructure Bank, which – as part of the Government’s commitment to economic ‘levelling-up’ across the UK – will be based in Leeds. What is the new bank? Why is it being introduced? And what impact might it have […]


The Chancellor’s Mortgage Guarantee: a Good Idea? Or a Big Mistake?

“Generation Rent,” declared Rishi Sunak in his Budget speech, “will become Generation Buy.” Had the House of Commons been full, this announcement would no doubt have been greeted with loud cheers by Conservative backbenchers. At last, someone is doing something to help young people get on the housing ladder… So what did the Chancellor announce? […]