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Let Your Head, Not Your Heart, Guide Your Investment Decisions

Many of us will have spent the last two years longing for the time when most of the UK population had a good immunity against Covid-19, and pandemic restrictions were either being eased or completely dropped. And although the pandemic isn’t over, these wishes have come to pass, and we’re closer to normal now than […]


Inheritance Tax Payments Have Doubled in the Last Decade

In the past, inheritance tax would have been regarded by many only as something for the super-wealthy to have to think about. But the amount the government has collected in inheritance tax has doubled in the last decade, as more and more people are becoming liable to pay the charge. According to Treasury documents seen […]


April Market Commentary

Introduction  Once again, the market commentary for our clients is dominated by events in Ukraine. As in March, we have included a special section on Ukraine and – as before – we must stress that ‘at the time of writing’ very much applies to the comments. This month’s market commentary was written on Friday April […]