What our clients say

Maureen Williams

Maureen Williams

I was introduced to Summit Financial Planning Services soon after I was widowed.  They have enabled me to make the most of my investments and savings by their constant advice.  I have found it invaluable to be able to contact them so easily and they will always answer my financial queries however small they might be.  All of the staff are very understanding and friendly, and too willing to put you at your ease.

John Beauchamp

I have worked with Jody for the last 6 years.  This period includes my preparation for and the transition into the retirement that I am currently enjoying.

Jody takes the time to understand what is important to me and his knowledge and expertise has been invaluable in guiding me to through this stage in my life. Currently the tax planning is very important to my situation.

It’s great to have someone I can trust with my financial affairs and I look forward to continuing working with Jody in the future, confident that we have a solid but flexible plan.


Tessa Jones

I have found Summit give me reliable friendly professional advice and support over a long period of time.

Emmanuel Olympitis, former Plc CEO and Chairman

“Andy Hodson has guided me in my pension planning and financial protection over very many years, more recently with the able and conscientious collaboration of Jody Burns. I would trust him with my life.”

William Llewellyn, MBE

“Andy Hodson has been such a calm and sensible help to us over these years.”


When the state pension age was raised I found I’d have to work an extra six years. I’d never have dared to retire four years in if Jody hadn’t reassured me I could afford it. I’m delighted to have this unexpected freedom.

Steve Jones

Jody’s holistic approach to wealth management has been of great benefit. As well as giving good advice on pension investment, he has prompted a number of other ideas and been a good sounding board for some other investments we have made, leading to diversification and setting up other investment/income streams for the immediate and long-term future. We are much happier that our future wealth has a brighter outlook and is better balanced towards being in our own hands.

Some of the concepts and ideas that Jody has introduced have been of great use and importance in shaping our thinking and attitudes. I have enjoyed learning more about these and educating myself in new areas.

Camilla Murray

Jody has looked after my investments for the last 5 years and my late Mother’s investments for many years before.

I am very happy with the way he deals with my investments and I trust him implicitly.  A great weight off my mind.

Thank you so much.

Barbara Morris

“Summit Financial Planning have been enormously helpful to me in sorting out my finances in retirement.  They are meticulous in ascertaining my needs and wishes, and thorough and painstaking in ensuring I understand the risks and benefits involved in their recommendations.  They are at all times friendly and helpful, and I would thoroughly recommend them.”

Tom & Celia Phipps

“The company has considered our personal circumstances fully and given us comprehensive information to make the most of our investment opportunities. We heartily recommend Summit Financial Planning Ltd.”