What our clients say


I have been with Summit Financial Planning Ltd for about eighteen months on the recommendation of a friend.  

I have met with Jody Burns, Managing Director, and Jon Briggs on a number of occasions and have been provided clear comprehensive, non-patronising advise, which has enabled me to make financial decisions that I am happy with.

A thorough spring clean of my financial portfolio has eased my worries considerably.  

I have been offered useful suggestions in relation to my portfolio in terms of risk. 

The handling of my portfolio has given me confidence that I am receiving concrete up to date financial advice, while respecting my wishes.  

Kellie, Jody’s Administrator, has also been very helpful reminding me of various things. 

All in all, I am very happy with the services of Summit.




When the state pension age was raised I found I’d have to work an extra six years. I’d never have dared to retire four years in if Jody hadn’t reassured me I could afford it. I’m delighted to have this unexpected freedom.

Jane Harris-Matthews

“We have benefited from advice on the investments of three generations of our family and have every confidence that Summit will meet our future needs. With Jody’s advice and reassurance we have been able to fund our daughters at university and retire to enjoy as much travelling as we can.”

Emmanuel Olympitis, former Plc CEO and Chairman

“Andy Hodson has guided me in my pension planning and financial protection over very many years, more recently with the able and conscientious collaboration of Jody Burns. I would trust him with my life.”

Glen Nicholls

I would like to say that Jody Burns has given me sound advice over a number of years.  He has allowed me to stop having sleepless nights with his easy to understand information.  I trust Jody like one of my family.

Janet Presley

Having been a client with Summit F.P. since its inception, I can fully recommend the advice given in general and the help and support received with the more complicated requirements.

The service is prompt, reliable, considerate and friendly. Essential for all my financial needs.

Roy & Mary Barton

Jody at Summit has been looking after us for a number of years, we trust his judgement and we wouldn’t hesitate in recommending him.

He is considerate of our circumstances and caring.

Summit provide a broader service than most by making sure that all aspects of financial planning, including wills and powers of attorney are up to date.

Each year at the time of our review we are given a forecast of what our portfolio could look like in the future with examples of investment growth.

Most importantly, the outstanding service given by Summit and his team gives us peace of mind.

Monica Carp

Jody Burns has been my  financial advisor for more that 8 years, and I am very satisfied with the Service he and his team have provided for me in that time. 


Tessa Jones

I have found Summit give me reliable friendly professional advice and support over a long period of time.

Client, Retired Solicitor, Oxford

We found the annual meeting extremely helpful.  Jody led us in a very clear manner, to a better understanding of the funds we have and how we should view performance of those funds.  His financial recommendations were, as always, logical and sound, but more importantly they were entirely based on our particular situation and our family’s aspirations and needs.

I do feel that the “softer” parts of Jody’s advice in these meetings are some of the most valued.  We are entitled to take for granted that an IFA will be expert in co-ordinating management of our savings and will keep on top of tax issues, etc., but Jody goes far beyond these technical aspects.  Even for those of us fortunate enough to have saved quite substantial amounts for our retirement, there is still a feeling of insecurity, a feeling that we should not spend the money we have saved on enjoying retirement now it has come, in case we are left unable to pay bills in the future.  That is what Jody addresses so successfully.  His understanding of our hopes and fears, his encouragement and assistance in achieving those hopes and seeing the fears as groundless, are hugely appreciated.