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There are 1.8m job vacancies – but who will fill them?

According to a recent report in City AM, there were 1.8m job vacancies advertised in the UK in the week to May 1st, up roughly 15% on the same period a month earlier. The report stated that recruiters were ‘in overdrive’ as they struggled to fill the vacancies, with Neil Carberry, Chief Executive of the Recruitment and […]


How worried should we be about the price of food?

Andrew Bailey, the Governor of the Bank of England, made an apology last month. Not for inflation heading towards 10%, but for sounding ‘apocalyptic’ about the price of food. The possibility of more increases in food prices was a ‘major worry’ for the UK economy, he said, as he warned of a ‘very big income […]


How much damage will the Ukraine war do to the global economy?

As this article is being written, Vladimir Putin is threatening ‘more invasions.’ Two British fighters captured in Ukraine have been sentenced to death: the BBC is warning of a possible cholera outbreak in Mariupol and the fighting continues in the Donbas. No doubt by the time you read the article the headlines will be different […]